In 1875, Dr. Charles E. Michal first developed and perfected Electrolysis for the purpose of hair removal. Since then many major advances have been made through the use of highly sophisticated technology and the professional skill of a Licensed Electrologist. Electrolysis remains the premier method of hair removal.

Electrolysis involves using heat energy directly inserted into the follicle to disable the follicle and then the hair is gently removed using tweezers.  The process eventually causes the follicle to stop producing the unwanted hair.  Obviously, because electrolysis is conducted on a per-hair basis it is not especially practical or effective in instances where there is a larger surface area and growth of hair, but it is a perfect solution for smaller areas with unwanted hair.  When receiving Electrolysis treatments, it is also highly important to  know that your electrolysis professional is certified and licensed to carry out procedures to mitigate potential discomfort, and to ensure that you receive the highest level of care and permanence of removal.

Recommended by physicians and healthcare professionals as both Safe & Permanent. Popular areas are eyebrow, upper lip and facial hair that is not coarse or Dark enough for IPL Hair Removal.  The number of treatments required for truly permanent removal varies from person to person, but your Licensed Electrologist will be able to assess your needs and set up a schedule of appointments as necessary.  Walpole Advanced Skin and Hair Removal Center is more than happy to give you a consultation, and has the latest equipment and technology to ensure that your experience is as pleasant and complete as possible!

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