Advanced Skin Care & Hair Removal Center: Hanni

Hanni has over 20 years of experience in the field of electrolysis and has been with Advanced Skin Care & Hair Removal Center for the past 8 years.

Hanni’s passion and true professionalism shows in her work and is felt by her clients.

Under her expert touch as well as her thorough knowledge of Electrolysis, Hanni’s clients leave their treatment knowing that they are cared for and are always guaranteed 100% satisfaction from their treatment..

Not only do Hanni’s clients rave about her treatments, Hanni is also known for the delicious Baklava she serves them during the holiday time.

To receive the best possible care and experience you should have an extensive consultation with a Licensed Hair Removal Expert at Walpole Advanced Skin Care and Hair Removal Center.  It is important for you to share as much information about your skin and hair type as possible as well as any medications you might be taking or conditions you might have that could influence your procedure.  Additionally, your clinician will be able to ask you appropriate questions and ultimately advise you on the best possible solution for your unwanted hair.  Some procedures are more affective for different people or on certain hair types and, as is always the case, there are many variables that can affect what is best for you.  Hormone levels, genetics, environment, and so many other factors influence your hair, so your Licensed professional can help you find the best